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Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

·Model:Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge KT310
·Measuring Range:0.75~300mm
·Provenance:Made in China
·Delivery Time:1-3 days
·Main unit Size:150x74x32mm
·Total weight:1.7kg
·Packing Size:370x230x90mm

Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge,Based on the principle of ultrasonic measurement, the thickness of metals, glass, ceramics and other materials can be measured

●  Electromechanical integration design

●  With functions of coupling status alerts.

●  OLED Digital Display

●  Portable, can be carried out

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Recommended choice KT310

Working Principle

The principle of ultrasonic thickness measurement and light wave measurement principle is similar. Probe fired ultrasound Wave pulse reaches the measured object and spread in the object, when the material interface is reflected back The probe determines the material under test by precisely measuring how long the ultrasonic wave travels in the material thickness.


●  Can be equipped with a variety of different frequency, chip size, double crystal probe use.

●  Have probe zero calibration, a two-point calibration function, can be automatically on system error correction.

●  Thickness can be known the sound velocity measurement, in order to improve the accuracy of measurement.

●  With functions of coupling status alerts.

●  LED backlight display, convenient to use in dark environment.

●  The battery indicator function, can real-time display the battery remaining power.

●  With automatic power saving function dormancy, automatic shutdown, etc.

●  Small, portable, high reliability, suitable for bad operating environment, vibration, impact resistance and electromagnetic interference.

Technical Specification

Measuring Range


Sound Velocity Range

1000~9999m/s (0.039~0.394in/μs)

Display Resolution

0.01mm(lower than 100.0mm)    0.1mm(more than 99.99mm)


±(0.5% thickness+0.04)mm, depends on materials   and conditions

Data Memory

5 files x 100 values, 5 value of sound velocity

PC Software



AA battery 2pcs

Working Time

250 hours if backlight off

Working Temperature






Standard Delivery

√  KT310 Host                                              1 PC

√  Standard Probe No5                               1 PC

√  Built-in 4mm Calibration Piece               1 PC

√  Couplant                                                  1 PC

√  User Manual                                             1 PC

√  Instrument Case                                       1 PC

Optional Accessories

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge N02 Probe

No2 Probe for Casting Workpiece

Measuring range: 3.0-300.0mm in steel,   3.0-40.0mm in casting material

Frequency: 2M     Min.area: 20mm

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge N05 Probe

No5 Standard Probe

Measuring range: 1.2-230.0mm

Frequency: 5M     Min.area φ20x3mm

Straight and 90°optional

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge N07 Probe

No7 Probe for Thin Workpiece

Measuring range: 0.75-80.0mm

Frequency: 7M     Min.area φ15x2mm

HT5 Probe for High Temperature 300°C

Measuring range: 3.0-200.0mm

Frequency: 5M     Min.area: 30mm

HT6 Probe for High Temperature 400°C

Measuring range: 3.0-200.0mm

Frequency: 5M     Min.area: 30mm

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