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Wall Mounted Clamp on Type Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Wall Mounted Clamp on Type Ultrasonic Flow Meter

·Model:Ultrasonic Flow Meter TUF-2000B
·Measuring Pipe Size:15mm-6000mm
·Provenance:Made in China
·Delivery Time:1-3 days
·Main unit weight:1.6kg
·Total weight:3kg
·Packing Size:400x260x170mm

Wall Mounted clamp on type Ultrasonic Flow Meter is is a meter that measures the liquid flow in a circular tube based on the principle of the speed difference method. It adopts advanced multi-pulse technology, signal digital processing technology and error correction technology to make the flow meter more adaptable to the industrial scene environment, and the measurement is more convenient, economical and accurate. It can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, water supply and drainage and other fields.

It is composed of a main body and an external clamp on type sensor. Simply attach the clamp-on sensor to the surface of the pipe to complete the flow measurement of various liquids. Compared with the traditional flow meter, it does not need to cut off the pipe, and the installation is convenient and fast, realizing the non-destructive installation.

● No need to cut off the pipeline, no pressure drop.

● Easy installation process, simply clamp the transducers on the pipe surface.

● Economical and convenient, high measurement accuracy within ±1%

● Multiple output of 4-20mA, OCT pulse and relay; RS485 interface, support Modbus protocol

● Achieve heat measurement by connecting 3-wired heat transducers PT100.

● Unique signal digital processing technology makes the meter measurement signal more stable, anti-interference ability and more accurate measurement.

● The circuit is more optimized, the integration is high, the power consumption is low, and the reliability is high.

● Intelligent standard signal output, friendly man-machine interface, multiple secondary signal output, for you to choose.

Ultrasonic Flow Meter Delivery

Wall Mounted Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Technical Specification

Principle & Parameters




Flow meter: ±1.0%; Heat meter: ±2.0%


4~20mA analog

OCT pulse



3 way 4~20mA analog input, acquisition signal of press and liquid level.

Achieve heat measurement by connection PT100 temperature sensors



Pipe Material

Steel, stainless steel, cast iron, copper, PVC, aluminum, etc.



Straight Pipeline

Upstream:10D; Downstream: 5D; From the pump: 30D

(D means outer diameter)


Single liquid that can conduct sound wave, such as water(-30℃~160℃)



Special Cable

Shielded twisted-pair cable, length≤50m


Min unit: -20℃~70℃; Transducers: -30℃~160℃

Protection Class

Main Unit: IP67; Sensors: IP68

Power Supply

DC24V; AC85~264V; 50Hz



Standard Delivery

√  Main Unit             1

√  Sensor                  2

√  Signal Cable         1

√  Cable terminal     1

√  Certificate            1

√  Packing List         1


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